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Sugar Junk Food & Veg Pledge Cleanse

 Sugar Cleanse

The average American eats an estimated 130 pounds of sugar per year. You might think “I don’t eat that much sugar,” but this stuff is sneaky. It doesn’t just hang out in the junk food aisle, it’s also in healthy foods (don’t worry, I’m not saying that a sweet potato has as much sugar as a Snickers bar!). Hidden sugar piles up fast, so you may need to budget less sugar in your diet—especially if you’re dealing with a health challenge. Nothing stresses the human body as much as refined sugar. Sugar actually drains the body of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the process of being burned for energy. Sugar also stresses the pancreas, forcing it to pump out a surge of unneeded digestive enzymes. Sugar has been labeled by many as a Toxin, and for good reason. It’s related to many diseases, including obesity, and insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes.   2014-03-29 23.53.22  Some glimpses into what you will get: 

  •   simple yet effective exercise is cleaning out your kitchen pantry
  •   ten to twenty minutes that will increase your energy for the day
  •  a shift in your day that will create total refreshment
  • add some foods that will help you resist the sugar urge
  •  see a major source of the sugar craving monster
  •  satisfying your sweet cravings in a sweeter way
  •  the true meaning of these sugar “fixes”
  • creating a picture of what you want your days to be filled with
  • getting physical to counteract the sugar baby



Junk Food Cleanse

Junk Food is everywhere.From salty snacks and fried food to sodas, candy bars, and cookies. Many feel it’s hard to choose healthy options. Junk Foods contain addictive ingredients like sugar, artificial flavorings, and MSG that makes it hard to stop eating them. most people know these foods cause serious health issues, but can’t quit their addiction. I am here inviting you on a 10 day walk with me, to GET OUT OF THE FUNK and GET RID OF THE JUNK!!!   Here you will get:

  • education on food labels
  •  ideas for replacing junk with real food10257498_10202687670125854_7408893659019133000_o
  • smart tips on food label reading
  •  a guided walk through other areas of your life that might have junk in them
  • one simple, yet powerful thing you can do to alter your health
  •  thought provoking journaling to move you in the direction that you see for your life
  • new perspective with a bigger picture view
  •  tips on resting easy
  •  and more….
  •  After these ten days, of you are fully invested in this, you will get:
  •  many “AHA” moments (yes light bulbs too)
  • clarity in many areas ( ah now I see)
  •  see the junk and take it to the curb (we are not totally talking dumpsters folks)
  • feel and look better (who doesn’t want that?)
  •  be so much happier ( laughter? uh huh)
  •  set yourself on a new path or your life (yes, it is that powerful)
  •  support others in your life to be there too (spreading the love to those we love)


            Veggie Pledge Cleanse

Many people get two veggies a day, french fries and ketchup. Now, we all know these are not actually veggies, as in real nutrition. We all know we need lots of veggies to be healthy. What is the gap between knowing and actually fitting them in? Well hopefully you have already completes cleanse one and two and are now fully ready for this! They will support you in wanting the veggies! Here in this cleanse, we will make a pledge to vedge, as in vedging out, bringing greater peace and a calmer relationship to our lives. 10479150_10203093858480309_7867823700891959150_o   In the program material you will get:

  •  insight on why you crave foods
  •  ways to make sleep more peaceful
  •  get suggestions on finding deeper meaning in your life
  •  learn why many leave veggies out
  •  insight around your cravings for meat
  •  and more

      In my 10 DAY CLEANSE PROGRAM individuality designed for sugar cleanse, junk food cleanse, and veg Pledge cleanse, you will learn how to replace unhealthy choices, with healthy ones, clean your system, reduce, or eliminate unnecessary cravings, and much more. In addition you will recieve daily emails with cleansing tips and recommendations_ read them thoroughly! I am here to support you 100% along the way. 

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