We think you’ll love it, this is a 28 day program to immerse yourself in the meaning and spirit of meditation!

The 28 Day Spiritual Detox will help you to get in touch with your inner self. You will grow spiritually and learn to let go of things that do not serve you. Each day is packed with information to help you understand more about meditation and its versatility. You will have four weeks of accountability and guidance, learning different methods of meditation. It will help you to find methods that work best for your personal growth and will give you the best advantage in creating a viable meditation practice. Even though it focuses mainly on the spirit, it will help you create positive changes in your mind and body as well. It is an experience to not be missed!

    • You will get a packet, educating you on the benefits, history, and methods of meditation.
    • You will learn that everyone is different! We are not going to tell you which methods to use in your daily meditations, but encourage you to keep an open mind and experiment with styles that are new to you.
    • You will learn all about fitting meditation into your daily life.
    • You will find out which tools may aid you in deepening your meditation.


  • We are going to teach you about using meditation to combat stress. Your body will thank us for it.
  • You are going to learn that you can find deeper satisfaction in your daily activities by incorporating meditation into your routine.
  • We will teach you how to create a deep and meaningful meditation discipline.
  • We encourage starting small and slowly building upon your discipline, at your own pace.
  • Find out about the different ways to meditate.
  • 28-days of inspiration, direction, accountability, worksheets, and fun.
  • A One on One Visit with a Registered and Certified Health Coach


Cleanse, Balance, Empower Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Body



What is Meditation?

There are many definitions of meditation and many views on how to do it. The simplest definition of meditation is the act of focusing the mind. The term meditation refers to a variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force, promote well-being, and promote weight loss.

Meditation is often used to clear the mind and ease many health issues, such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. The list can go on and on…

Meditation has been used for many centuries, possibly back to the days of hunters and gatherers. However, the first documented encounters with meditation dates back to 500 B.C. in the form of Tantras in India.

In many ancient culture, civilization, and history through 1900 and beyond to recent days, meditation has been deeply embedded and applied in people’s daily lives!

In the 1970’s, health benefits of meditation were hard to ignore and health professionals began to utilize meditation in both psychological and medical treatments.

Why Meditation?

  •  Meditation has unlimited benefits, can be done anywhere.
  •  Meditation increases mental productivity.
  •  Meditation positively affects physical health.
  •  Meditation can help psychological problem.
  •  Meditation aids in emotionally balance.
  •  Meditation helps ground you in reality.
  • Meditation aids in weight loss.
  •  The list can go on and on… 



“Meditation allows us to transcend the trap of being human, open doors to hidden beauty & get in touch with our higher selves.”
~ Rebekah Borucki

You will receive in your Meditation Package:

  • The most complete, comprehensive,  easy to follow, and in depth explanation of :
  • Why Meditate
  • What is Meditation
  • common Methods Of Meditation
  • Meditation Tools
  • Benefit of Meditation
  • History of Meditation10293633_10152356267402042_3985032282593595365_o
  • Tips for Meditation
  • Meditation Roadblocks
  • Top 10 Reasons People Meditate
  • Fitting Meditation In
  • Meditation Postures
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Yoga
  • Meditation Index
  • Mantras
  • Chakras
  • meditation Resources
  • Powerful information about Therapeutic Essential Oils, how to use them and the benefits.
  • Great insights about the importance of Exercising, and  how to maximize your results, in addition to The 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse, and Meditation Series.

What are Essential Oils:

  • Essential oils are the volatile, evaporative, liquids which are extracted from aromatic plants, trees, and grasses.
  • Oils are found in the sacs or secretory cells, within the fibers of the plant. They create the fragrances that one notices when encountering these plants.
  • Essential oils come from all over the world, just as plants are specific to certain climates.
  • When used for therapeutic purposes, only pure, certified, therapeutic grade essential oils should be used in order to achieve desired effect as well as prevent adverse reactions caused by possible impurities.
  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, needing carrier oils in order to properly utilize them.
  • There are many uses for essential oils, benefiting all human functioning, the mind, body, and spirit, in nature.

In addition you will receive one complimentary Health History Session With Me, and my support!


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