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Yesterday’s Wisdom, Tomorrow’s Destiny

Welcome to the world of ESSENTIAL OILS, the purity of nature, the gift from mother earth to us all!


ESSENTIAL OILS were man’s first medicine. Aromatics were used for many purposes, including religious rituals, the treatments of illness, and other physical and spiritual needs. For 6000 years, essential oils were revered for their therapeutic and restorative properties. These precious plant oils were valued more than gold and other precious metals. Ancient cultures found that aromatic essences or oils could be extracted from the plant by a variety of methods

The reintroduction of essential oils into modern medicine first began during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

PURITY AND STRENGTH OF ESSENTIAL OIL CONSTITUENTS are essential for the outcome of the quality, and efficacy of essential oils, and these constituents can be affected by a vast number of variables.


Since 1992, YOUNG LIVING has combined the wisdom of ancient tradition with the best of modern science to create the highest standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-enhanced products. YOUNG LIVING is the largest distiller of essential oils in North america and has hundreds of thousands of distributors across the globe.

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Very proud to be a part of the Young Living family for about 17 years. I have been using the products personally and in my spa for my clients successfully, and I am thankful to witness many clients, friends, and family members obtaining great results using these products, and have continues success!

Young Living Product Packages to add to your desired Wellness Programs, or use individually

Weight Management, Weight Loss _ ( Slique Line )iphone photos 148

-Excretory ( Detox ) _ ( Liver & Kidney Cleanse )


-Hormone Balancing

-Energy & Stamina

-Targeted Support:

  •   Digestive Enzyme
  •   Cardio / Heartiphone photos 2528
  •   Immune
  •   Muscle
  •   Sensory / Brain
  •   Hormone / Bones / Joints
  •   Respiratory

-Supplements & Vitamins

-Healthy Snacks

-Calming / Relaxation / Balancing




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